Community Investors was proud to serve as the Fiscal Agent for The Wellesley Field Fund.  


A core component of our organization’s mission is to support the development of recreational resources to benefit current programs and create needed additional opportunities for community recreation. The Wellesley High School Track & Field Improvement Project is a successful public private multi year collaboration resulting in needed improvements to an important community resource.   


Our organization serves the project as Fiscal Sponsor for private donors.  Per a fiscal agreement with the project, all contributions supporting the project are deposited in a segregated “Wellesley Field Fund” account at a local bank.  As planned, Field Fund donations for phase one (of three) were gifted to the Town to contribute towards phase one project expenses.  Per the fiscal agreement a local certified public accounting firm specializing in non-profit organizations conducts audits.  All related records are public.  We are honored to serve a role in this important initiative.  If you are considering leading a similar project in your community, we would be happy to share our experiences to support your effort.