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Since 2014 we have served over 11,000 Positive Impactful Experiences (PIEs) to middle school and high school aged youth. Our Straight Outta School PowerPlay at Wellesley Middle School, offers after school co-ed basketball, flag football, soccer, wiffleball and dodgeball.   Students enjoy a blend of active free play and team play to connect and release. Wellesley High students mentor, coach & DJ to create fun and energetic experiences. Wellesley Recreation became our partner in this successful program in fall 2018.

In 2015 we partnered with the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club to create Girl Power Hour Yoga & Mindfulness, an after school program for Wellesley Middle School girls offering yoga and mindfulness to learn & practice the powerful potential of mind-body connections developing inner strength and peace. 

In 2018 we teamed with METCO and Wellesley Recreation on a successful pilot First Friday after school enrichment program at Wellesley Middle School. Our programs, along with a variety of other enrichment activities fostered opportunities for diverse student groups to connect and enjoy experiences together.

In 2018 & 2019 we hosted “The Power of Play,” Experiential Learning Blocks during WHS’ annual “Seminar Day” program.  We educated students of the often undervalued mental and physical benefits of active play, while providing rare opportunities for WHS students to enjoy free play in their school.  Our session has been a highly popular elective selection of WHS students, a clear indicator that WHS students continue to want “Play” and will participate when it is made available, and presented appropriately

We are currently collaborating with Wellesley High School’s Enrichment & Recreation Program, and Wellesley Recreation to strive to offer additional programs and initiatives at WHS. We have learned that the path to reach & benefit students is through fellow students.  Thus, our focus currently is to create a new WHS Student Club dedicated to educating fellow students on the Power of Play and identifying and developing opportunities for WHS Students to enjoy and benefit from Play before, during and after school.

We serve on behalf of Wellesley Recreation as Directors of Wellesley Teen Center events.  We manage a staff of Wellesley High School Key Club student volunteers, DJs and enrichment resources to provide middle school aged students fun and healthy weekend night activities to enjoy together.

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